ENBrg schedule

Next meeting:

Thank you to all participants of the last Exploring the Nonbinary reading group. There are currently no scheduled events. We look forward to resuming soon!

Last session:

Wednesday 18th May: Interdisciplinary open mic

The final session of the cycle!

Open mic

This month, we'll be holding an open-mic for students, staff and researchers to discuss their work, projects or interests in research beyond the binary. This will include short discussions of:

  • Farida Soliman: 'Attitudes towards grammatical gendering in Arabic.'

  • Robert James Hellyer: 'Discourses around gender-inclusive and -exclusionary plural address terms in Tiktok'

Feel free to bring:

  • a short description of something you are working on

  • or, a piece of research or reading we haven't discussed yet

  • or, something you think is interesting! (It's very relaxed!)

Last, but not least:

We will close with a discussion of future plans, including the re-run of the interest group next year, invited speakers, conferences and publications.

This session will take place in May at 4pm BST and the Zoom link will be shared in advance through the ENBrg mailing list. Subscribe here.