the Nonbinary

Exploring the Nonbinary (ENB) is an interdisciplinary reading group held at Queen Mary University of London and hosted by PhD students Robert James Hellyer (he/they) and Farida Soliman (she/they).

The ENB reading group welcomes staff and postgraduate students of all levels and disciplines. Beginning predominantly with language-focussed discussions, the readings of this group will focus on broadly theorising beyond the gender binary, nonbinary language research, and developing inclusive research methods. The reading group seeks to develop collaborative reading lists and academic networks, encouraging further inquiries into this expanding field.


  • To reflect on literature and discuss future research in linguistics, whilst looking beyond the cis-heteronormative hegemony at play in linguistics and social science more broadly.

  • To draw on and platform the expertise of nonbinary, trans and gender-nonconforming academics across institutions.

  • To develop cross-institution reading lists to be made publically available for further study.

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